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Fingerboard Cleaner Dunlop 01 (6524)
-15 %
Model: 350001
Fingerboard Cleaner for Guitar or Bass Guitar. It nurtures the wood and restores the original look of the fingerboard
7.20€ 8.50€
Ex Tax:5.81€
Fingerboard Conditioner Dunlop 02 (6532)
-15 %
Model: 350002
Fingerboard Conditioner for Guitar or Bass Guitar. It brings out the color and prolongs the lifespan of the fingerboard
7.80€ 9.20€
Ex Tax:6.29€
Fretboard Cleaner Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil (6554)
-13 %
Model: 350004
Guitar or Bass Guitar Fretboard Cleaner and Polish which creates a protective layer against humidity and stains
7.40€ 8.50€
Ex Tax:5.97€
Model: 350003
Cleaning and Polishing Product for the body of Guitar or Bass Guitar. Restores the finish in its original state
8.90€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:7.18€
String Cleaner and Conditioner Dunlop 65 (6582)
-15 %
Model: 350005
String cleaner and conditioner, ideal for protection against corrosion of guitar or bass strings
7.20€ 8.50€
Ex Tax:5.81€
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