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Brand: GvG Model: 250002
Six-String Bouzouki Machine Heads, Nickel, with White knob, by Gebr.Van Gent..
Ex Tax:6.86€
Brand: GvG Model: 250003
Eight-String Bouzouki Machine Heads Nickel, with White Pearl knob, by Gebr.Van Gent..
Ex Tax:7.10€
Brand: GvG Model: 250016
Baglamas / Tzouras Machine Heads, Nickel, in White Pearl color Knob and 2 holes in the spindle, by Gebr.Van Gent..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Brand: GvG Model: 260001
Gebr.Van Gent Fretwire for Baglamas (by the meter), Nickel silver 12%..
Ex Tax:1.53€
Baglamas Machine Heads GVG 4304 OVP (3+3)
-14 %
Brand: GvG Model: 250001
Baglamas Machine Heads Gebr.Van Gent 4304 OVP (3+3)..
7.70€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:6.21€
Classical Guitar Machine Heads GVG 2801 C (3+3)
-15 %
Brand: GvG Model: 250004
Classical Guitar Machine Heads, Nickel plated, with White Pearl Knob, by Gebr.Van Gent..
17.90€ 21.00€
Ex Tax:14.44€
Brand: GvG Model: 260004
Gebr.Van Gent Fretwire for Bouzouki or Guitar (by the meter), Nickel silver 12%..
Ex Tax:1.94€
Brand: GvG Model: 260014
Gebr.Van Gent Fretwire for Bouzouki or Guitar (by the meter, with tooth), Nickel silver 12%..
Ex Tax:1.61€
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