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Our luthier’s service department offers
quality setup and repair services for your own musical instruments.

After many years of experience in string (traditional, contemporary, electric and acoustic) instruments,
we can repair – setup your worn out or misused instrument.

The initial assessment of the repair is offered for FREE.

Suggested Musical Instrument Service Price List**


  • Classical / Acoustic Guitar - 20€: Includes fingerboard, fret and body cleaning, fingerboard moisturizing, machine heads lubrication and strings changing.
  • Electric Guitar / Bass - 25€: Includes the above + full set-up of your electric instrument (truss rod adjustment, bridge adjustment for correct intonation, full electrics check etc.).
  • Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose - 30€: Includes the above + set-up of the Floyd Rose.
* Note: Setup does NOT include the strings cost, which are charged separately, as per the client's preference.

Electric / Electronic Services*

  • Pickup Change (Electric Guitar / Bass) - 30€
  • Electrics Change (Electric Guitar / Bass) - From 30€
* Note: The Service cost does NOT include the materials (pots, switches etc.) cost, which are charged separately.

Specialized Luthier Services

  • Repair of broken parts (bone saddles, top or headstock cracks etc.) - From 30€

  • Fret Dressing / Fret Alignment - From 50€
  • Refretting (whole fingerboard) - From 150€

  • Color Change / Varnishing - From 150€

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The Suggested Prices do NOT include the V.A.T. (24%).